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Informator is part of Soprano Plc which is an internet communications group, quoted in the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange. Soprano helps clients to communicate and work more efficiently in an increasingly digital world.

Informator and Tieturi represents "Soprano Training", together we are biggest in the Nordics with 67.000 trainees per year.


Informator has 20 years’ experience of training in the IT industry. Our partners are the industry's top trainers and course developers. We seek trainers that have a high level of expertise combined with a strong practical aspect in their respective subjects.


Informator helps organisations and individuals to develop the right skills. We do this in several different ways, but always with the individual learner in the centre of attention. Based on their goals and requirements, our customers can choose from a number of different forms of training.

Educational solutions

  • Scheduled courses
  • Customised training
  • Seminars
  • Remote Classrum (Via conference facilities)
  • Helpdesk
  • Personal coaches


Our Learning Solution’s department makes sure to constantly be at the forefront of technological development and continuously working to develop new courses based on market indications and our customers' needs. We have a very high customer satisfaction, as well as a quality education guarantee.

For more information please contact us on info@informator.se 
or +46 8 587 116 10


Informator remote - distanslösning
Informator Remote signifies cost-effective, time-saving and flexible remote training solutions.

Informator optimized
Save time and money with Informator's Optimized courses. The reason for this could be that the content of a course has become more streamlined. For example some sections removed or added, the two classes merged into one etc.

Informator First
Be the first to learn the latest on the IT front. With Informator's First-concept, we offer unique programs that no one else in the market can deliver.