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AI and Cloud computing

All of the key cloud providers are offering their solutions in the field of AI and machine learning. What are the key concepts to understand and how to choose most suitable solutions among the available providers and services 



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Managers, Project Managers, SCIOs/CTOs, Architects, Developers


No prior knowledge needed

AI and Cloud computing

Introducing AI service categories and examples of services

  • Cloud based services are easy way to start with AI development and machine learning utilization. Here we see what kind of services are now readily available and what services are offered

Case examples of using cloud services in AI projects

  • Cloud services have matured to a point where most common AI needs can be easily implemented and tested for proof-of-concept purposes. Due to the low upfront investment needs cloud services make it easy to test ideas in practice and gain understanding of both business needs and technical possibilities.

Leading an AI project implemented with cloud services

  • We will go through a case example of actual AI project implemented purely with cloud services. What where the key challenges and what lessons were learned.

Future of AI in the cloud

  • Predictions where the market is headed in the near future and what kind of possibilities this will open to different industries.

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