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Beginning ASP.NET MVC 5 with Test Driven Development

Denna kurs ger din ASP.NET MVC 5 utveckling en god start i rätt riktning! Den plockar ut och förklarar vad du behöver känna till för att använda ramverket effektivt och utveckla testbara lösningar. Medan kursen har fokus på praktiska färdigheter, tas också tid att förklara viktiga begrepp, inklusive hur HTTP fungerar, MVC-designmönstret, TDD-arbetsflödet och dependency inversion.


3 dagar

26950 kr


  • You are already reasonably comfortable with programming in C# and on the .Net platform.
  • You have some awareness of HTML and CSS, and maybe a little JavaScript exposure too.
  • However, you have little or no experience with ASP.NET MVC, and want to dive in and learn the things you need to know to use it effectively. Experience with NUnit or TDD is not required; the basic techniques will be introduced during the course.


You are already reasonably comfortable with programming in C# and on the .Net platform.


Dag 1

Web and MVC Fundamentals

  • How the web works: HTTP, servers, clients, statelessness
  • A little history: ASP Classic, ASP.NET WebForms, other approaches
  • The MVC pattern: models, views and controllers

Hello World

  • Creating an ASP.NET MVC web application
  • Our first controller and view
  • Adding a basic model
  • Convention over configuration

Testing Fundementals

  • What is Test Driven Development?
  • Introduction to NUnit
  • Writing our first controller test


  • The relationship between routes and controllers
  • Adding more routes
  • Routes and linking
  • Examining the request lifecycle

Better Testing with Dependency Inversion

  • What is DI, and why does it matter?
  • Refactoring towards DI
  • Testing using hand-crafted stub objects
  • Introduction to StructureMap
  • Integrating StructureMap with ASP.NET MVC

Dag 2

The Razor View Engine

  • The Razor approach
  • Loops and conditionals
  • Built-in helpers
  • Creating your own helpers
  • Layouts
  • Partial views
  • What NOT to do in a view

Introducing Forms

  • Adding a form and posting to a controller
  • FormCollection - often a last resort
  • Parameter binding
  • Model binding
  • Forms and testing

Linking to a Database

  • A short introduction to Entity Framework
  • Entities as the model
  • Testable approaches to data access
  • MVC with CQRS architectures
  • Scaffolding


  • Client-side vs. server-side validation
  • Validation annotations
  • Custom validation
  • Validation and testing

Dag 3

JavaScript and Ajax Basics

  • What is Ajax?
  • Introducing jQuery
  • The Ajax helper for partial page updates
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript


  • Introduction to JSON
  • What is a RESTful service?
  • Writing API controllers
  • Understanding HTTP verb to method conventions
  • Calling services from JavaScript
  • Testing Web APIs


  • The web is a dangerous place
  • XSS
  • Direct Object References
  • CSRF
  • Authentication
  • Authorization