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BizTalk Operations


Are you responsible for maintaining a BizTalk Server platform? Troubleshooting complex message flows or configuring existing integrations?

This course teaches you what BizTalk Server is all about but focus on the operation. Attendees will learn how to install BizTalk applications, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting a BizTalk environment. This course also includes best practices on how/what to monitor and log, host strategies, and hands-on labs on how to create simple integrations and maintain the BizTalk platform.  


2 dagar

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  • IT Professionals who are responsible for support, maintenance and deploying BizTalk server applications.
  • Systems Administrators who manage a BizTalk Server environment

Prior knowledge

In order to take maximum advantage of this BizTalk server operation course, learners need to be familiar with Integration techniques and windows environments and services. No in depth knowledge is required.


The course is delivered in Swedish with course material in English as standard but can be delivered completely in English as well.

Course Outline of BizTalk Operations

BizTalk components and fundamentals

  • Learn and understand fundamental BizTalk Server concepts, basic architecture, different BizTalk versions, business to business communication and the capabilities included in the product.

BizTalk Server Message Processing engine

  • Introduces the BizTalk message processing engine, learn about the store and forward mechanism. Understand the publish/subscribe engine. Walkthrough of all BizTalk Server databases and important SQL jobs.
  • Introducing the installation steps regarding the platform.

BizTalk Server Maintenance

  • Learn about feature packs and CU updates.
  • Learn how to set up a health check report and to use the tools included in BizTalk health monitor.
  • Learn how to evaluate the results of a report

BizTalk Administration Console

  • Learn how to use the BizTalk Configuration tool, the BizTalk administration console including the group hub, tracking of events and failed messages.

Manage applications

  • Walkthrough of BizTalk artifacts.
  • Learn how to manage BizTalk applications and how to configure advanced settings.

Deploy applications

  • Learn how the BizTalk deployment process works, both configuration and installation.

Configure hosts and host instances

  • Learn about the role of hosts, host strategies, 32/64 bit, trusted etc.
  • Learn about how to configure and tune your environment by adding customized hosts to your BizTalk Servers
  • Learn how to configure host instances
  • Learn about scaling/load balancing


  • Learn about BizTalk tracking options like global tracking, port, pipeline and orchestration tracking properties.
  • Learn to do advanced search with included tracking tool

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

  • Source code
  • Release Pipelines
  • Traceability

Hybrid Platform

  • Biztalk Server and Azure Integration Services
  • Platform setup
  • New adapter pack in BizTalk 2020 (APIM, Service Bus)

Troubleshooting services using the Group Hub page

  • Learn how to manage suspended messages using best practices and about the resume and termination of messages.

Monitoring and logging of BizTalk server Integrations/Services

  • Introduction to external monitoring of the BizTalk Server environment using 3rd party tools

Hands on labs and discussions about real life scenarios will be included in each part of the course.