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Business Process Modeling and Notation BPMN(TM) Analytic Level


1 dag

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Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) is a popular process modelling language used by many who work in the process modelling community. This course builds on the knowledge gained in QABPMN1 to provide an explanation of the rest of the BPMN process notation, based on the Analytic Level palette of this modelling language. An overview of how to model collaboration in BPMN is also included.

The learner will become familiar with Analytic Level palette of BPMN, and how to use it in models of business processes.

QABPMN1, or similar knowledge of the Descriptive Level of BPMN.

  • Recap of Descriptive Level.
  • BPMN process architecture. Top-level process.
  • Activities and Sequence Flow types. Sub-Process types.
  • Full list of Event types.
  • Full list of Gateway types.
  • Pools and Collaboration.
  • Transaction and Compensation.
  • Representing data in BPMN.
  • Executable BPMN – an overview.
  • OMG Certification.
  • 2 or 3 practical exercises will be included during the day.