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Certified Data Protection Foundation (GDPR)


2 dagar

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This two-day foundation course, updated for 2023, will provide a practical guide to Data Protection (GDPR) & Privacy Legislation, Information Governance and Data Protection (GDPR) implementation.

Data protection law requires, the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for some controllers and processors, including those in the public sector. The obligations for this challenging role will require insight into threats and risks to personal data, data breach management, data protection by design and default principles, privacy compliance and the legal spectrum of the GDPR.

This course is suitable for data protection officers, HR Professionals, compliance officers, auditors, IT & security Professionals requiring a sound knowledge of the key elements of the data protection law. There is no exam in the two-day course, those wishing to embrace the challenge of the independent exam will need to take the follow-on three-day Data Protection (GDPR) Practitioner course (QACDPP). Alternatively learners can choose the full 5 day Certified Data Protection Foundation and Practitioner (QACGDPRP).

  • Have a good understanding of data protection principles.
  • Understand why privacy is important and how it relates to data protection.
  • Have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the GDPR / UK GDPR.
  • Identify advantages of embracing data protection.
  • Be able to locate important articles and recitals when necessary.
  • The role of the data Protection Officer (DPO) and their obligations.
  • The key differences between the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR.
  • The changing rights of data subjects, consent, data in the cloud and third parties.
  • The enforcement aspects of the GDPR to your organisation.

Business Outcomes

  • Have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of GDPR (UK & EU) and related legislation
  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the data protection principles and individual data subject rights and when and how they apply at an operational level
  • Understand why privacy is important and how it relates to data protection in the business environment
  • Understand international transfers, including EU-US data privacy framework
  • Be able to understand the role of the Data Protection Officer, if you need one and how they help your business achieve compliance

This Data Protection Foundation (GDPR) course is primarily aimed at professionals working with IT, Risk, Security, Governance and Compliance roles across public and private sectors. It is also aimed at Human Resources and Marketing Professionals, Product Owners, Business Analysts and Project Managers. It is also the recommended prerequisite for the Data Protection Practitioner (GDPR) course.

  • Module 1: Introduction to data protection & privacy
  • Module 2: Data Protection (GDPR) Fundamentals & principles
  • Module 3: Data Protection (GDPR) Rights of the data subject
  • Module 4: Data Protection (GDPR) Controllers & Processors
  • Module 5: Data Protection (GDPR) International Transfers
  • Module 6: Data Protection (GDPR) Remedies, liabilities & penalties
  • Module 7: Data Protection (GDPR) Supervisory authorities, co-operation, specific situations
  • Module 8: Summary of changes
  • Module 9: Business Advantages of embracing Data Protection