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Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist R80.X

This exciting new offering is a 2-day Specialist course which provides a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and skills necessary to effectively configure and deploy Multi-Domain Security Management (MDSM). The course explains how to use the management tool to segregate complex management environments into multiple domains, each with its own set of security policies, and how to configure and monitor multi-domain system components from a central location.

Provide a comprehensive understanding of the Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management solution and describe how to deploy it within the corporate network environment.


16 dagar

19500 kr

Technical professionals who need to install, configure, and manage multiple security domains within their network security environment.

- Discuss challenges associated with securing large-scale business organizations with distributed network environments.
- Describe the Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management solution and its benefits.
- Understand the components of MDSM and how they work together to help administrators manage multiple network security environments within a single management framework.
- Understand how to install and configure the Multi-Domain Security Management environment.
- Describe how to implement Management High Availability within the MDSM environment.
- Discuss the two types of log server options used to store logs in the Multi-Domain Security Management environment, and how they differ.
- Understand how to manage and view Multi-Domain activity logs in SmartConsole.
- Understand how to configure and implement Global Policy to manage rules for multiple domains.
- Identify various MDSM command line tools commonly used to retrieve information and perform configuration changes on a MDSM Server.
- Describe troubleshooting tools to use for addressing MDSM Server issues.
- Understand how VSX works and how to integrate the technology within the MDSM environment.

Check Point CCSA and CCSE Certification

- Multi-Domain Security Management
- MDSM Installation and Configuration
- MDSM Log Management
- Global Policy Management
- MDSM Troubleshooting
- Incorporating VSX

- Demonstrating Multi-Domain Security Management
- Migrating a Security Management Server into a Domain Management Server
- Implementing Management High Availability
- Deploying a Multi-Domain Log Server
- Regionalizing the Multi-Domain Environment
- Deploying a Global Policy
- Integrating SmartEvent into Multi-Domain Environment
- Deploying VSX in a Multi-Domain Environment (Optional)

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