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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins 2

This is a two-day practical workshop diving into various aspects of continuous integration/delivery and giving hands-on experience on implementing Jenkins 2 pipelines.

Managing configuration, planning capacity and agent network, dynamic agents, Docker integration, and many more


2 dagar

20450 kr

Target Group

Developers, Sys. admins, Testers


By completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Create jobs and pipelines of different complexity
  • Integrate with version control services, web hooks, mail servers, issue tracking systems
  • Organize tasks with multi-branch pipelines, folders, views, labels, agents
  • Manage Jenkins server setup and avoid configuration drift


A few years in IT as a developer, Sys. admin, Tester. 

Content Continuous Delivery with Jenkins 2


  • CI and CD concepts
  • Jenkins overview: jobs, pipelines, builds, queue, triggers, agents


  • Job creation and configuration
  • SCM integration
  • Build environment and tools
  • Parametrized builds and triggers
  • Reporting facilities
  • Useful plugins


  • Introduction to Groovy
  • Pipeline anatomy: steps, stages, nodes, agents, libraries, triggers
  • Declarative vs scripted pipelines
  • Pipeline elements: build wrappers, notifiers, testing tools, reports, artifact publishing
  • Integration with Docker
  • Implementing complex pipelines and pipeline patterns


  • Security configuration: users, groups, authorization matrix, LDAP integration, useful plugins
  • API and scripting: system scripts, resource management, tips and tricks
  • Scaling Jenkins: labels, agents, containers, cloud resources
  • Managing setup with provisioning tools: Ansible or Puppet
  • Multi-master Jenkins installations