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DevOps Masterclass

This 3-day workshop focuses on solving challenges that organizations face when implementing DevOps initiatives. It introduces principles of DevOps and tools that help reach full automation of infrastructure provisioning and software delivery.

Theoretical background as well as practical hands-on examples of tools like Ansible, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Serverless and many others are given during this workshop. 


3 dagar

11300 kr

Target audience

  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • DevOps people
  • SREs
  • System Administrators


  • After the course attendees will:
  • Get understanding of DevOps principles and ideas
  • Get familiar with most popular infrastructure automation tools
  • Be able to navigate automation tooling landscape 

Outline DevOps Masterclass

Day 1

  • Introduction to DevOps, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure,
  • idempotence principle, delivery pipelines, GitOps
  • Managing virtual/cloud resources with IaC, tooling overview, building first
  • infrastructure configuration pipeline with Terraform
  • Managing multi-cloud/multi-data-center resources with Terraform and
  • Terraform modules
  • Integrating with classic server provisioning tools like Ansible
  • Dynamic inventories, network management, building complex infrastructure delivery pipelines, organizing teamwork

Day 2

  • Managing base machine images with Packer
  • Introduction to containers and container management
  • Building/publishing images, running containers with Docker
  • Implementing complex use cases with Docker Compose
  • Using Kubernetes to run container workloads

Day 3

  • Introduction to observability: logs, metrics, traces
  • Configuring Prometheus jobs and exporters, creating Grafana data sources and dashboards
  • DevSecOps: integrating linters, security policy checkers, vulnerability scanners
  • Leveraging managed FaaS: OpenFaaS, Chalice, Serverless
  • Implementing a chat bot for Slack for effective ChatOps
  • Introduction to chaos engineerin
  • Using Helm charts and Kubernetes operators
  • Leveraging service mesh features with Linkerd