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Enterprise JavaBeans

This EJB 3 course is designed for experienced Java developers who wish to extend their knowledge to JEE middleware and who wish to get started with the new EJB 3 component model to develop Java Middleware applications.


3 dagar

28450 kr

Target Group

Experienced Java Developers who wants to learn Enterprise Java Beans 3.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Set up the EJB environment
  • Develop session beans
  • Develop an entity, manage entity relationships and use Java Persistence API
  • Develop a message-driven bean
  • Process transactions


Insight in J2EE and JEE5 is preferable. Good Java knowledge.

Content of Enterprise JavaBeans


  • Application architecture types
  • EJB application overview
  • Java EE overview
  • EJB 3 overview
  • Current server compliance and implementations
  • Workshop: Setting up development environment

Java EE Dependency injection

  • Dependency injection characteristics and reasons for using it
  • Components that can be injected
  • Components that can use injection

Session Bean

  • Session bean overview
  • Stateless session beans
  • Stateful session beans
  • Workshop: Creating stateless and stateful session beans

EJB Client applications

  • Client view
  • EJB client types
  • Building clients
  • Workshop: Creating different clients

Message-Driven Bean (MDB)

  • MDB Overview
  • Workshop: Working with message driven beans

EJB 3.0 Interceptors

  • Overview
  • Workshop: Working with interceptors


  • Entity Overview
  • Entity lifecycle
  • Design guidelines
  • Entity annotations

Java Persistence API (JPA)

  • JPA overview
  • Persistence Unit
  • Entity inheritance
  • Abstract entity classes
  • Using native SQL queries
  • Java Persistence API and Java SE
  • Workshop: EJB 3 entity and EntityManager API
  • Entity relationships overview
  • Workshop: Working with EJB Entity Relationships

Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)

  • JPQL overview

Java EE Transactions

  • Java EE Transaction Overview
  • Container Managed Transactions
  • Bean Managed Transactions
  • Workshop: Working with transactions

Java EE design patterns

  • Overview
  • MVC
  • Access object
  • Session façade
  • Other good patterns

Extra workshops

  • Workshop: EJB 3 bean without tools
  • Workshop: EJB 3.0 timer model and callbacks