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Git för utvecklare

Git is a version control system specially developed for managing large complex distributed projects. The system was originally developed for the development of the Linux kernel, which is developed by a thousand volunteer developers. Although Git is designed for complex systems, it works equally well for small projects and for self-development.   The philosophy has been that the development of a large complex project is broken down into small projects that are developed independently by teams, or individual developers, and that you have a structured way to approve and bring changes into the main release.   More and more people choose to use Git as a version management tool in their development, often in connection with working according to Continuous Integration, where you continuously integrate changes into your product in an automated way. For example, Ericsson has chosen to use Git in many of its development projects.   In the course, we go through the tool, put it in context and do practical exercises to gain an understanding of how the tool is used for version management.


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Target Audience

The target audience is software developers, testers, prospective Git administrators or interested project managers who need an understanding of Git and how to use the version management tool both in daily work and in collaboration with others in complex distributed projects.

Course Objectives

After the course ends, you will have an understanding of why you should use a version management system and what advantages Git offers compared to other similar systems. You know how to work with Git both in your own development environment, in your team's environment and in a complex distributed environment. You can create and manage branches and tags. You can check in changes. You can perform a rebase and a merge. as well as push and pull against other repositories.

Previous knowledge

Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of how to work with software development.

Course content: Git for developers



  • What is a version control system and why should one be used?
  • Create a repository. Configure it. Do an initial check-in and a simple push.
  • Review of the basic concepts such as repository, index, commit and SHA1 hash code.
  • Manage indexes and add and remove files.
  • Look at the log.
  • Look at differences.


  • Merge.
  • Rebase and Squash.
  • When to use Merge or Rebase?
  • Conflict management.

Useful settings

  • Ignore files.
  • commit parts of a change.
  • Stash.
  • Tags.

Collaborate with other repositories

  • Local and remote branches.
  • Fetch, merge, pull.
  • Push.

Branch strategies

  • nvie
  • Industry by Feature.


  • Hooks.
  • Porcelain and Plumbing.

Code review with Gerrit

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