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Grunderna i Rust

Do you want to create applications that are fast, scalable and bug-free? In this hands-on course, we go through the basics of Rust so you can quickly get started and create your own programs.

The course provides a solid introduction to the programming language Rust and places great emphasis on practical application and code that lasts in production. The content and exercises are updated to the latest version of Rust. The course is given as a mixture of very short theory sessions and longer practical examples


2 dagar

20450 kr

Target group

Already a programmer wanting to become a Rust developer


  • Basic programming (C, PHP, JavaScript or similar)
  • Windows, Linux or macOS

Course overview: The basics of Rust

Day one:  

  • Functions, variables and parameters
  • Program flow: conditional statements and recursion
  • Return values and error handling
  • Iteration with strings and vectors

Day two:

  • HashMaps and Tuples
  • Selecting data structures
  • Files and databases
  • Structs instead of classes and objects
  • Structs as parameters and return values
  • Structs with built-in functions (methods)

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