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IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7 (RTC) – Developing

This course focuses on configuration management for the development of software or hardware systems. You will learn to utilize IBM Engineering Workflow Management to effectively collaborate and share work with your team using Jazz configuration management, to create and reproduce configurations, perform code reviews, and explore changes.


8 timmar

8095 kr

• Software Developers
• System Engineers
• Technical Testers

• Explain the key concepts and terminology
• Manage work items
• Commit changes via configuration management
• Share changes with teams
• Understand a hierarchy of streams and components
• Perform merges, resolve, and avoid conflicts
• Create and compare baselines
• Use change history at multiple levels
• Understand integration mechanisms
• Discuss the user interfaces and relate them to own needs

1. About this course
2. Key concepts and terminology
3. Product overview
4. Managing work items
5. Committing changes
6. Sharing changes with team
7. Locks, reverting and import
8. Baselines and snapshots
9. History
10. Integrations
11. User interfaces
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