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IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7 (RTC) – Project Configuration

This course focuses on configuration of project areas and global settings. You will learn best practices, possibilities and gain hands-on experience with how projects can be effectively tailored, managed, and maintained.


8 timmar

8095 kr

• Senior Product Users
• Administrators and those responsible for Project Areas
• Release Managers

• Define work item types, attributes, categories
• Adjust predefined queries
• Define workflows
• Configure work item presentations
• Configure roles and access rights
• Adjust behavior and constraint settings
• Manage link types
• Define dashboard templates
• Work with project templates
• Use a master project

These courses or equivalent knowledge is highly recommended:


U4ZEWMP7 - IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7 (RTC) - Project Planning and Tracking

U4ZEWMD7 - IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7 (RTC) - Developing


One should also have a good understanding of these product constructs:

• Jazz architecture
• Project areas
• Work items and workflows
• Queries and dashboards
• Roles and permissions
• Links and link types

1. About this course
2. Key concepts and terminology
3. Work items
4. Workflows
5. Presentations
6. Roles and permissions
7. Behaviour and constraints
8. Links and links types
9. Dashboard templates
10. Project templates
11. Master projects
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