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IBM Rational DOORS 9.6 – Introduction

This course teaches analysts and engineers how to define, elaborate, organise and manage textual and graphical requirements and requirements-related information in IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS 9.7. ; This course also applies to IBM DOORS 9.6 users and supersedes QN101G.


IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS is ; a member of the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family comprising of:


  • IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS Classic)
  • IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

These courses are part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution


8 dagar

8250 kr

This introductory course is for new users and is particularly beneficial for..


  • Business Analysts
  • System and Software Engineers
  • Requirements Engineers, Managers and Team Leaders

After completing this course, participants should be able to..


  • Explain key DOORS concepts and terminology
  • Navigate database and project structures
  • Use project filters, search and favorites
  • Understand DOORS access rights
  • Display and navigate formal modules
  • Use shareable edit
  • Populate and structure formal modules
  • Work with object properties and attributes
  • Insert pictures and tables in requirements definitions
  • Define filters and views
  • Perform find, replace and spell check
  • Create link relationships
  • Follow and analyze links
  • Understand and view baselines
  • Generate reports with Document Generation

There are no pre-requisites for this course.



1. About this course
2. Key concepts and terminology
3. Navigation
4. Formal (Requirements) modules
5. Creating objects and structure
6. Editing requirements
7. Views and Filters
8. Search and spell check
9. Creating traceability
10. Using traceability
11. Viewing baselines
12. Generating reports

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