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Informationsbehandling med SQL

In this course you will learn the syntax, possibilities, limitations and functionality of the SQL language.   This is one of the most comprehensive courses for those who need to gain a basic understanding of creating and maintaining database structures using SQL (Structured Query Language).   About the course: The training is designed to be platform independent. Labs are carried out in the Microsoft SQL Server environment, but you also get examples of functionality in, for example, Oracle and MySql. The course is very practice-intensive and more than half the time is used for practical exercises performed against a SQL Server database.


3 dagar

25900 kr

Target group

This course is primarily aimed at system developers and programmers who must be able to develop and maintain applications against a database and advanced users who need to be able to formulate and ask their own questions against a database

You will learn:

  • The SQL language: syntax, possibilities, limitations and functionality.
  • How to create and maintain database structures

Prior knowledge

Used to working in a Windows environment: window management, etc. Experience with programming and with relational databases is an advantage, but absolutely not a requirement.

Course content: Information processing with SQL

1. Overview

  • Basics of SQL
  • Basic DBMS and relational databases

2. Start with SQL

  • Arithmetic operations
  • Union, Union All, Intersect and Minus
  • Select statements and Where conditions
  • Logical operators

3. Functions

  • Numeric, string and conversion functions
  • Functions in SQL: SUM, COUNT, AVG, MAX, MIN, etc


  • Sorting (ORDER BY)
  • Grouping (GROUP BY) with conditions (HAVING)

5. JOINS, Subqueries

  • Subqueries in select statements
  • Equi-join, Outer-join, Self-join, etc

6. Manipulation of data

  • Insert and Update with subqueries
  • Insert, Update and Delete

7. Data modeling

  • Independent objects, dependent objects
  • Simple review of a commonly used data modeling tool on the market


  • ”Jag jobbar inte med sql till vardags. Kursen gav mig en bra introduktion. Läraren verkar väldigt kunnig inom SQL och databaser.”
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