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Introduction to Endpoint Management


1 dag

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This one-day instructor-led course provides delegates with a technical overview of device management and how it fits in to the modern place.

Target Audience:

This course is suitable for engineering, technical management and sales/marketing staff who have no prior knowledge of device management.

  • What is device management
  • Why there is a need to move away from traditional device management methods
  • What options are available for device management
  • How to enrol, manage and control devices with a device management solution
  • The need for application management in the modern work force

  • A basic understanding of the architecture and technologies that support the internet is required.
  • Delegates should have familiarity with technical IT, device management and applications

The need for device management in the modern workplace

In this lesson we discuss how the modern workplace has changed the way we manage devices.

Enrolling devices

During this lesson we’ll discuss the option for manual and automated enrolment of devices, how configuration profiles are used to managed devices and how to ensure only compliant devices are allowed to access company resources.

Application deployment

In the final lesson we’ll look at how applications can be deployed to devices whilst maintaining licencing controls and how to ensure access corporate data is controlled.