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ITIL® 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV) eLearning

Earn your ITIL 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV) certification with the award-winning team at Good e-Learning!

As vital as IT is, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Successful IT managers must be able to assess interactions with users, suppliers, partners, and customers in order to learn how services can be fully optimized. The ITIL DSV module offers a number of tools and techniques for stakeholder value optimization, with a particular focus on customer and user experiences, as well as journey mapping. Kick start your ITIL 4 training today!


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Who is this course aimed at?

  • Organizations hoping to adopt ITIL 4 DSV’s best practices

  • ITIL practitioners looking to expand their knowledge of the ITIL 4 methodology

  • ITIL 4 students hoping to become certified 'ITIL Experts'

  • IT managers in charge of overseeing relationships between IT teams and stakeholders, as well as customers and clients

  • ITIL 4 students looking to complete the ITIL 4 Specialist branch of modules

Why should you take this course?

  • Good e-Learning are a verified market leader for ITIL training. Independantly scored by Course Conductor

  • The course offers knowledge checks as well as a practice exam simulator to help students prepare for the ITIL DSV examination

  • Passing all of the ITIL 4 Specialist exams is a requirement for reaching the rank of ‘ITIL Expert’

  • The course features expert tutor support, as well as interactive slides, instructor-led audio, and other online training assets created alongside highly experienced ITIL practitioners

  • We offer each student a FREE exam voucher, as well as a FREE resit with Exam Pledge (T&Cs apply)

  • This course is fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • Service level agreement (SLA) design

  • Multiple-supplier management, communication management, and relationship management

  • How to design customer and user experiences (CX and UX) and customer journey mapping

  • How to drive stakeholder value, one of the most central aspects of creating, maintaining and improving IT-enabled products and services

  • Everything needed to pass the official ITIL 4 DSV exam

Content of ITIL® 4 Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV) eLearning

An Introduction to ITIL 4 Specialist: DSV Learning Objectives

This opening module addresses the course rationale and provides an overview of ITIL 4 DSV. Students will also be introduced to the subject matter experts who will be helping them along.

A lesson plan will be outlined, and students will be provided with exam information, FAQs, refresher exercises for ITIL 4 Foundation, a toolkit, diagram pack, skills self-audit form, workbook, glossary and a list of further resources.

Module 1: Global Best Practice Learning Objectives

This module shows learners how to identify key principles for ITIL DSV.

Module 2: The Customer Journey Learning Objectives

This module goes over how to identify stakeholder aspirations, map customer journeys, identify touchpoints and service interactions, design customer journeys and measure and improve customer journeys.

Module 3: Explore Learning Objectives

This module teaches students how to identify service consumers and providers, along with their needs. Students will also learn how to describe and target markets.

Module 4: Engage Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students will be able to describe how to communicate and collaborate, build service relationships and manage suppliers and partners, as well as define service relationship types.

Module 5: Offer Learning Objectives

This module describes how to do a number of tasks, including managing demand and opportunities, specifying and managing customer requirements, designing service offerings and user experiences, and selling and obtaining service offerings.

Module 6: Agree Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students will be able to describe how to agree and plan value co-creation, along with how to negotiate and agree on services.

Module 7: Onboard Learning Objectives

This module will show students how to describe several activities in the onboarding process, including how to relate to users and foster relationships, provide user engage and delivery channels, enable users for service, elevate mutual capabilities and offboard customers and users.

Module 8: Co-create Learning Objectives

This module will show students how to explain how to foster a service mindset and describe both ongoing service interactions and how to nurture user communities.

Module 9: Realise Learning Objectives

This module will teach students how to explain both how to realize service value in different settings and track value realization. They will also learn to describe how to assess and report value realization, as well as explain how to evaluate value realization, improve customer journeys and realize value for service providers.

Module 10: Practice Exams Learning Objectives

This module features one official practice exam to help students prepare for the official ITIL Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value examination.

Module 11: Course Wrap-Up Learning Objectives

This module wraps up the rest of the course, providing students with knowledge checks to ensure they have absorbed the subject matter in preparation for the exam.


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