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Linux Basics for Developers

This course is directed at anyone who wants so learn how a Linux-based system with GNU tools is designed and how to manage it.

We will go through several key operation system components, and learn a comprehensive set of basic commands for typical tasks. Computer-based exercises are a major part of the course, in order to ge hands-on experience.


3 dagar

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Target Group

This course is directed at participants with limited knowledge of Linux, who want to get a thorough understanding of Linux basics and be able to manage a Linux system.


The participants should be familiar with the concepts of an operating system and a command-line interface. Some prior knowledge of Linux is an advantage but not necessary.

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Linux-based operation systems can be found in many places today. Small embedded systems, network routers, web servers, and personal computers for software developers all often run Linux-based operation systems. Although the requirements on these products are very different, the Linux kernel has proven itself to be a stable base to build an operation system upon.

After the course, the participants will know about the design of important parts of Linux, and are able to start developing software on a Linux-based operating system.

Course Contents

  • What is Linux?
  • History
  • Linux licenses
  • The Linux kernel and the root file system
  • Getting help and manual pages
  • Shell variables, wildcards and expansion
  • Partitions, file systems, i-nodes, and the file tree
  • Hard and symbolic links
  • Static and dynamic libraries
  • Command handling and redirection
  • Jobs and processes
  • Text editors and basic vi commands
  • Sed and other text tools
  • Users, groups and file permissions
  • Passwords and SSH
  • File archives and file compression
  • Basic network setup, routing, and diagnostics
  • Scheduling commands in the future
  • Halting and rebooting



The course material is in English but can be delivered in Swedish or English


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Kursstart: 09.00
Kursslut (ca): 17.00