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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals


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Please be aware the MS900 is a very intense fast paced course due to the volume of content to be delivered in a single day. The event may extend beyond a 5:30 finish. Delegates wanting the MS900 course with a less intense delivery and more opportunity for discussions, demos and explanations of topics should consider the QA Microsoft 365 Fundamentals - Deeper Dive 2 day event.

This course introduces Microsoft 365, an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps along with intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. You’ll learn foundational knowledge on the considerations and benefits of adopting cloud services and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model, with a specific focus on Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings.

You will begin by learning about cloud fundamentals, including an overview of cloud computing. You will be introduced to Microsoft 365 and learn how Microsoft 365 solutions improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, and optimize communications.

The course then analyzes how security, compliance, privacy, and trust are handled in Microsoft 365, and it concludes with a review of Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing, and support

Please note: This course is an overview of the features and technologies offered by Microsoft 365. It does not teach the student how to administer Microsoft 365.

This course helps to prepare the student for the Microsoft exam MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals.

Audience profile

This course is designed for those looking to demonstrate foundational-level knowledge of Microsoft 365 and its features. Candidates may have knowledge of cloud-based solutions or may be new to Microsoft 365.

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At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Differentiate between the various cloud service models.
  • Identify the Microsoft 365 services that support productivity, collaboration and business management.
  • Describe the analytics capabilities of Microsoft 365, including Viva Insights.
  • Describe the security and compliance features of Microsoft 365.
  • Describe identities, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid identity.
  • Describe threat protection with Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Describe Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing, and support.

This course is designed for business decision makers and IT professionals who aspire to deploy cloud services in their organization. Students should have the following background:

  • General knowledge of networking, computing, and cloud concepts

Learning Path 1: Describe cloud concepts

  • Describe cloud computing
  • Describe the benefits of using cloud services
  • Describe cloud service types

Learning Path 2: Describe Microsoft 365 apps and services

  • What is Microsoft 365?
  • Describe productivity solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Describe collaboration solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Describe endpoint modernization, management concepts and deployment options in Microsoft 365
  • Describe analytics capabilities in Microsoft 365

Learning Path 3: Describe Microsoft 365 security and compliance capabilities

  • Describe the services and identity types of Azure AD
  • Describe the access management capabilities of Azure AD
  • Describe threat protection with Microsoft Defender
  • Describe security capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel
  • Describe the compliance management capabilities in Microsoft Purview
  • Describe the Service Trust Portal and privacy with Microsoft

Learning Path 4: Describe Microsoft 365 pricing, licensing and support

  • Describe Microsoft 365 pricing, licensing and billing options
  • Describe support offerings for Microsoft 365