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Microsoft Office 365 for End Users


1 dag

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Office 365 provides organisations with a suite of business applications including Outlook Online, Office Online Apps, Teams and OneDrive. These online solutions are extended through the interface with Microsoft Office.

This 1 day course is designed to assist existing Microsoft Office users to gain an understanding of the functionality available in Office 365. Delegates will use Office Online Apps, OneDrive and Teams in a cloud environment.

Target Audience

Delegates who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the individual applications in Office 365 should attend the appropriate application specific courses.

An end user who will be required to use Office 365 and needs an understanding of its features.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand 'The Cloud' and Office 365 Applications
  • Use Outlook Online to work with email, calendar, people and tasks
  • Understand how to work collaboratively with Office 365 through Teams and OneDrive
  • Use Office 365 Groups and work with content through Delve

  • It is assumed that attendees on this course have some knowledge of Microsoft Office and Outlook 2007-2019.
  • In-depth exposure to any of the Office products is not required

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Lesson 1: Office 365 Overview

  • Introducing Office 365
  • Identify and outline the component products in Office 365
  • Navigating around Office 365
  • Updating your Profile in Office 365

Lesson 2: Using the Outlook Online Application

  • Overview of Outlook Online
  • Working with email
  • Using the Calendar
  • Shared Calendars
  • People (Contacts)
  • Setting Outlook Options, Signatures, Rules, Automatic Replies

Lesson 3: Using Microsoft Teams

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Creating Teams and Channels
  • Conversations
  • Tabbed Pages and Third Party Apps
  • Meetings

Lesson 4: Working with OneDrive for Business

  • What is OneDrive for Business
  • Navigating around OneDrive
  • Accessing Content in OneDrive
  • Using the Office Online Apps

Lesson 5: Using Office 365 Groups

  • Introduction to Groups
  • Collaborating Using Groups

Lesson 6: Delve

  • Getting to Content using Delve