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Microsoft Project for the Web


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With so many offerings in the Microsoft software for projects workspace it can be confusing to know which tools to purchase and which tools to use for the job.

Project for the Web, a tool developed on Microsoft’s Power Platform to provide a web hosted Project management tool for those not requiring the full functionality of Microsoft Project Desktop software but requiring something more than a simple task planner.

PLEASE NOTE – Separate courses for Microsoft Project ’Desktop’ software (QAPRINTC and QAPRADVC) are available as part of QA’s ongoing course syllabus. A follow-on course for Project Online looking at the use of Plan 3 and Plan 5 licenses and Project Online features is currently in development.

Our Microsoft Project for the Web course is designed to help learn the skills to maximise Project for the Web (Plan 1) with a module to draw comparison with Planner and To Do’, delegates will then go on to embrace the everyday features of this ‘out of the box’ intuitive tool as well as the full features that can be harnessed with clever knowledge of the Microsoft suite of applications.

  • Attendees do not need to have any experience of using Microsoft Project
  • An understanding of project management fundamentals can be beneficial
  • Attendees must be comfortable navigating the internet and managing multiple browser tabs

Target Audience

Aimed at anybody already using Microsoft’s various project related software solutions, those contemplating their use, those considering upgrading their project software or anybody with an interest in the use of Microsoft technology around managing projects, tasks, resources, and related areas.


  • Licence overview

  • Features by product overview

Microsoft Planner vs Project for The Web

  • Features overview

  • Planner Overview

  • Tool Comparison

Getting Started with Project for the Web

  • Project Home

  • Create a New Project

Add, Modify and Update Tasks

  • Add Tasks and Summary Tasks

  • Create and Manage Buckets for ‘Sprint Projects’

  • Create Dependencies

  • Explore Views

  • Add Durations

  • Add Milestones

Add Progress to a Plan

  • Update a Task

  • Update a Project

Share and Collaborate on a Plan

  • Microsoft 365 Groups

  • Project for the Web & Microsoft Teams

  • Add Resources

  • Assign Tasks

Work with Roadmaps

  • Create a Roadmap
  • Connect to Projects
  • Update Roadmaps

Reporting with Project for the Web

  • Built-In Reporting
  • PowerBI Reporting

QA reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice to the customer.