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Microsoft SharePoint Online Master Class


5 dagar

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This course applies to the following platforms: SharePoint Online. The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required to fulfill the role of a Power User, Super-User, or within an IT Support role to support end users. This course gives you the insight and experience beyond a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator role. You will create, customise and manage SharePoint online sites and workspaces in response to the differing needs of your site members and visitors, and according to the infrastructure of the business. You will identify the roles and expectations of your team or organisation and create site solutions by defining permissions, structure, content and policy. You will see how to gather information about the site's usage as a means to maintain the site and identify where improvements can be made. Please note: This five-day masterclass covers topics from our SharePoint Online Essentials, Intermediate and Team Site Management courses.

  • Understand, plan and deploy a SharePoint Site solution for business needs.
  • Manage your team with groups and permissions.
  • Create Custom Lists and Libraries with special content types for learning and support.
  • Customise Library and List settings to reflect course project requirements.
  • Edit web pages to keep your team informed of the project progress.

  • Ideal for user with no prior SharePoint experience or knowledge.
  • A good understanding of Windows 7, 8 or higher.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer 10, 11 or equivalent browser.
  • Experience with relational databases, web design and/or programming (such as VBA) are useful but not essential.
  • Fundamental experience with Office 365 is recommended, such as Log in and navigation around the service.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel.
Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere or Virtual Classroom delivery methods. Learners attending via Virtual Classroom or Attend From Anywhere events, will need to use remotely hosted computers and/or Private/ Incognito/ Google Guest/Microsoft Edge Guest mode to access our SharePoint environment. Before you book, check that you meet the Cisco WebEx system requirements and run a test meeting to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings and ensure that you have passed all pre-course tests. If you have any questions, contact our Virtual team. Learn more about our Virtual Classrooms.

Module 1: SharePoint overview
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • SharePoint information structure
  • Site Types
  • Connect to SharePoint Online
  • The SharePoint environment
  • SharePoint live updates
  • Connect Office and Office 365
  • Credential manager
Module 2: Site Architecture Model
  • First steps of planning
  • Site structure
  • Site roles
  • Site types
  • SharePoint object naming
  • Initial site settings
Module 3: SharePoint List and built-in apps
  • What is an app?
  • Effective app management
  • Add an app
  • The list interface
  • The app settings page
  • Add and edit items in a list
  • Item details pane and item menu
  • Delete and restore an item
  • Surveys
  • Lists App
  • Choose the experience
  • Manage list items
Module 4: SharePoint Library Apps
  • Introduction to library apps
  • The library interface
  • Add documents
  • Document details pane and item menu
Module 5: Manage Content
  • Alerts
  • Check a document out/in
  • Document version control
  • Live co-authoring
  • Module review
Module 6: Organise content with metadata
  • Introduction to metadata
  • Column types and properties
  • Windows Explorer and mapping metadata
  • Hyperlink or picture column
  • Lookup column
  • Calculated column
  • Managed metadata and the term store
  • Metadata integrity
  • Column indexing
  • App vs. site columns
  • Content types
  • Folders
  • Document sets
Module 7 – Create and manage views
  • Introduction to views
  • Manage views
  • Temporary views
  • Public and personal views
Module 8: Discover Information
  • Social Connection
  • Delve
  • Search and offline availability
Module 9: Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Introduction to site security
  • Site security elements
  • Permission level structure
  • Permission planning
  • Manage permission levels
  • Create and manage SharePoint Groups
  • Manage Users
  • Permission inheritance
  • Quick Share
  • Permission Tips
Module 10: Site Navigation
  • Navigation consistency
  • Quick Launch
  • Top link bar
  • Links List
Module 11: Page Editing
  • Page types
  • Site pages
  • Add text to a site page
  • Insert hyperlinks into text
  • Insert an image
  • Embed media
  • Publish a site page
  • News posts
  • Introduction to web parts
  • App previews
  • Hero web part
  • Microsoft 365 web parts
  • Audience targeting
  • Web part pages and web part connections
Module 12: Connect to Office
  • Principals of Office with SharePoint
  • Connect to Outlook
  • Connect to Excel
Module 13: Report
  • SharePoint reports
  • Usage and popularity reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Audit log
Appendix 1: Extended SharePoint functionality
  • Site templates
  • App templates
  • Content organiser
  • Add library metadata to a document content type
Appendix 2: Calculated column formulas and functions
  • Mathematical
  • Logical
  • Date and time
  • Text

Appendix 3: Column types and limitations

Appendix 4: SharePoint boundaries, thresholds and limits

  • Web applications and site collections
  • Apps
Appendix 5: Request Sign-off Workflow Using Power Automate
  • Why use Workflows?
  • What is Power Automate?