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ONTAP 9.10 Data Protection Administration

This intermediate-level course introduces key concepts and techniques for protecting data on NetApp® ONTAP® based systems. You learn about the data protection solutions that are integrated in ONTAP software. You also learn about tools for managing ONTAP data protection features. In the hands-on exercises, you use ONTAP System Manager and the ONTAP CLI to perform key data protection tasks. This course is updated for ONTAP 9.10.1 software.


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This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:


• ;Describe and distinguish the data protection features in NetApp ONTAP software
• ;Administer the correct ONTAP data protection feature to address your concern
• ;Configure SnapMirror relationships for disaster recovery and data backup
• ;Demonstrate SVM DR
• ;Describe NDMP-enabled operations to back up NAS data to tape
• ;Describe the cloud-based data protection solutions that complement your ONTAP based systems
• ;Describe MetroCluster components and functionality
• ;Describe SnapMirror Business Continuity components and functionality

The 3 day classroom Cluster Administration course is required as is the Data Protection Fundamentals elearning class which is free of charge via the NetApp Learning Centre. ; Please contact us for further details as below..



Module 1: Overview of ONTAP data protection

  • Data protection introduction
  • ONTAP Data Protection Solutions
  • ONTAP Management Solutions

Module 2: SnapMirror Fundamentals

  • SnapMirror Overview
  • Configuring SnapMirror Relationships
  • Guidelines for Intercluster Networking
  • Cluster and Storage VM Peering

Module 3: SnapMirror for disaster recovery and backup

  • SnapMirror for FlexVol volumes
  • SnapMirror configuration considerations
  • Using SnapMirror for volumes
  • Interaction between SnapMirror and other ONTAP features
  • S3 SnapMirror
  • FabricPool
  • Load-sharing mirrors
  • Addendum: SnapMirror and other data protection feature interaction

Module 4: SnapMirror Synchronous for disaster recovery

  • SnapMirror Synchronous
  • Configuring SnapMirror Synchronous
  • Additional SnapMirror Synchronous configuration

Module 5: Storage VM Disaster Recovery (SVM DR)

  • SVM DR Overview
  • SVM DR requirements and configuration
  • SVM data mmobility

Module 6: ONTAP backup and archive solutions

  • NDMP fundamentals
  • NDMP topologies
  • NDMP management
  • Addendum: NetApp SnapCenter

Module 7: Cloud-based data protection

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • SnapMirror Cloud
  • Cloud Backup Service
  • ONTAP data protection with cloud volumes

Module 8: ONTAP business continuity solutions

  • MetroCluster funamentals
  • Metrocluster operations
  • Consistency group management
  • SnapMirror Business Continuity introduction
  • SnapMirror Business Continuity configuration
  • Failover operations and failure scenariosAddendum: SyncMirror feature
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