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ONTAP (9.8) MetroCluster IP Implementation

MetroCluster software is a unique high-availability and disaster-recovery solution. In this course, you learn how to cable and set up a MetroCluster environment. Using active, participatory exercises, you practice the configuration and verification steps. You also learn how to identify component failures and practice recovery steps.


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  • NetApp Employees
  • Partner Professional Service Implementation Engineers

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the major architectural components of a MetroCluster environment
  • Cable nodes and back-end IP switches
  • Set up back-end IP switches
  • Configure the clusters at both local and remote in a MetroCluster environment
  • Set up a MetroCluster configuration and serve data to clients
  • Detect and recover from failures in a MetroCluster environment
  • Install and configure TieBreaker Manager software

The following courses and/or knowledge and skills are recommended prior to taking this course.



MetroCluster Completion of ONTAP PS Professional Compliance Program or an equivalent program


MetroCluster in ONTAP Overview for Support Partners and MetroCluster Ecosystem Troubleshooting for Partners

Module 1: MetroCluster IP Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to MetroCluster Software
Lesson 2: Introduction to MetroCluster IP Configuration
Lesson 3: MetroCluster IP Supported Configurations
Lesson 4: MetroCluster Configuration Tools and Documentation


Module 2: MetroCluster IP Rack and Cabling

Lesson 1: Risk and Disk Layout
Lesson 2: MetroCluster IP Cabling Overview
Lesson 3: Switch Cabling Overview
Lesson 4: Shelf Cabling

Module 3: Switch Configuration

Lesson 1: Switch Configuration
Lesson 2: Installing and Updating Switches


Module 4: Preparing the Clusters

Lesson 1: Node Preparation
Lesson 2: Local Disk Assignment
Lesson 3: Node and Cluster Setup

Module 5: MetroCluster Configuration

Lesson 1: Cluster Preparation
Lesson 2: Remote Disk Assignments
Lesson 3: MetroCluster Configuration
Lesson 4: MetroCluster Verification
Lesson 5: MetroCluster Monitoring
Lesson 6: SVM Configuration in a MetroCluster Environment

Module 6: Failure Scenarios

Lesson 1: Switchover
Lesson 2: Switchback
Lesson 3: Failure Scenarios
Lesson 4: LIF Placement

Module 7: MetroCluster TieBreaker Manager Configuration

Lesson 1: TieBreaker Introduction
Lesson 2: TieBreaker Installation
Lesson 3: TieBreaker Configuration

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