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ONTAP MetroCluster FC Installation 9.8

NetApp® MetroCluster software is a unique high-availability and disaster-recovery solution. In this course you learn how to cable and set up a MetroCluster environment. Using active, participatory exercises, you practice the configuration and verification steps. You also learn how to identify component failures and practice recovery steps.


2 dagar

18900 kr

  • NetApp Employees
  • Partner Professional Service Implementation Engineers
  • Customers

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the major architectural components of a MetroCluster environment
  • Cable nodes, back-end FC switches, and FibreBridge devices
  • Set up bridges and back-end FC switches
  • Configure the clusters at both sites in a MetroCluster environment
  • Set up a MetroCluster configuration and serve data to clients
  • Detect and recover from failures in a MetroCluster environment
  • Install and configure NetApp MetroCluster TieBreaker software

  • Basic SAN knowledge
  • Completion of an ONTAP Professional Compliance Program or equivalent

Module 1: Overview of MetroCluster

Introduction to MetroCluster software
Supported configurations
Implementation steps
Configuration tools and documentation

Module 2: MetroCluster Cabling

Disk requirements
Cabling overview
Controller cabling
Switch cabling

Module 3: Bridge and Switch Configuration

ATTO FibreBridge configuration
Brocade FC switch configuration
IOD and OOD delivery

Module 4: Cluster Configuration

Disk assignment
Cluster setup

Module 5: MetroCluster Configuration

SVM configuration

Module 6: Failure Scenarios

Failure scenarios
LIF placement

Module 7: TieBreaker Configuration

Introduction to TieBreaker

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