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ONTAP NFS Administration (9.6)

This course extends the information about the NFS protocol that is found in the ONTAP Cluster Administration course. The course reviews NFS and explores in more detail different NFS versions and the features of NetApp® ONTAP® 9 software that support NFS. The exercises are accomplished using ONTAP 9 software.


8 dagar

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This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

• ;Explain the differences between the NFS protocol and SAN protocols
• ;List NAS namespace architectures and namespaces
• ;Summarize client access to NFS data in ONTAP software
• ;List the NFS enhancements for different releases of ONTAP software
• ;Describe the implementation of NFSv3 on NetApp storage
• ;Describe the implementation of NFSv4 on NetApp storage
• ;Demonstrate a multiprotocol configuration that supports SMB and NFS access
• ;Illustrate techniques for collecting NFS statistics and data

• ;ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals
• ;ONTAP Cluster Administration
• ;ONTAP NAS Fundamentals
• ;Familiarity with UNIX and Linux operating systems
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