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Practical Application of Organisational Change Management


2 dagar

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Many people completing the ITIL 4 Foundation course ask where they can go next to gain insight, assistance, and tools to enable the practical application of the ITIL practices in their real environment.

This set of Practical Application courses are designed to meet that demand. In these courses attendees/learners will spend two days with an instructor talking through the practical application and delivery of a specific practice.

This course is focussed upon Organisational Change Management. Whether in a public or private enterprise, whether you work in a new agile company, or your company is structured more traditionally Whether your focus is profit, health, societal improvement or safeguarding the nation, everyone requires the ability to change, accept change and deliver change. This course provides you with the skills, the insight and even some of the tools required to be successful in improving, implementing, or assessing Organisational Change Management practice in your organisation.

An ITIL 4 foundation certificate holder is preferred, however a rudimentary familiarity with ITIL is sufficient

Target Audience

This is designed for people who want practical experiences in the subject matter rather than a qualification. It is targeted at people working within the Change Management areas in an organisation.

This course follows the ITIL continual improvement model in its delivery but has a 100% focus upon Organisational Change Management. Providing activities, tools, and consideration points for the practice throughout. Upon completion of the course learners will:

  • Build supporting background knowledge about Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Understand the four principles of organizational change management
  • Understand the seven OCM process activities
  • Understand how organization and people are involved in OCM
  • Understand how information and technology is involved OCM
  • Understand how partners and suppliers are involved in OCM