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React – Getting Started

Do you want to create web apps that are fast, scalable and easy to build? In this practical course, we go through the basics of ReactJS so that you can quickly get started and build your own web apps. The course provides a solid introduction to component-based frameworks and puts a great deal of focus on the practical steps for creating React apps. The content and exercises are updated to the latest version of ReactJS

Instruktörer: Thomas Ochman eller Max Arvid Anderson


2 dagar

21450 kr

Outline of React - Getting Started

  • Why React? - Splitting the UI into independent components
  • It’s all based on NodeJS and ES7 (Babel and Webpack for beginners…) 
  • Unidirectional Dataflow in React
  • JSX - mixing HTML and JavaScript. Components as functions that return pieces of a User Interface. 
  • Class and Functional components
  • The concept of Component State
  • React Hooks