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RUST – Advanced Programming

The course is based on practical experiments that end in production-ready RUST applications


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Bullets: RUST - Advanced Programming

  • The typical Rust Toolset
  • The type system in Rust
  • Traits and the "derive" attribute
  • Ownership and the Borrow Checker
  • Unwrapping types and dealing with errors Testing Asynchronous functions and I/O
  • Databases: Storing data, retrieving data, Updating data Logging Macros in Rust Multi-threaded applications with data transfers between threads

These concepts will be explored out of order, as they become relevant in the project we build. The project will start out as a web server based on a library, and in the end we'll be using TCP more directly and raw sockets. The idea is to get closer to the metal as we go along.

The only thing on the list that is actually in order, is the first. We'll start by setting up the toolchain, i.e. the Rust stuff outside the IDE.

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