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SnapProtect Solution Administration

This course provides instruction, hands-on practice, and interactive demonstrations to help you to learn how to plan, implement, operate, and troubleshoot the NetApp SnapProtect solution. Learn how to configure backup and recovery for NetApp storage system volumes, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, and Exchange server content databases, Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines, and Oracle databases. Learn how to upgrade, restore, and troubleshoot the SnapProtect solution central control: the CommServe and DataFabric Manager servers.


24 dagar

28350 kr

Customers, Partners, and NetApp employees

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Install and configure a NetApp SnapProtect solution environment
• Set up SnapProtect disk libraries
• Set up SnapProtect disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape storage policies
• Protect NAS and SAN application data in physical and virtual environments
• Upgrade and restore the SnapProtect solution environment
• Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the SnapProtect solution

• ;Planning and Installing the SnapProtect Solution
• Operating and Troubleshooting the SnapProtect Solution
• Safeguarding Applications with the SnapProtect Solution)
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