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TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1 eLearning

Earn your TOGAF Business Architecture certification with the award-winning online training team at Good e-Learning!

Business Architecture (BA) is a specialization of enterprise architecture that focuses exclusively on the business elements of organizational structure. This can include information, processes, capabilities, and so on. Just like with EA, the goal is to optimize efficiency and ROIs, while also giving managers and stakeholders a heightened level of perspective and clarity for making crucial decisions. With TOGAF being such a globally renowned name in business and enterprise architecture, a TOGAF BA qualification can also help business architects to unlock highly valuable networking and career opportunities. Kickstart your TOGAF BA certification training today


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Who is this course aimed at?

  • Anyone seeking an understanding of Business Architecture based on the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2

  • Professionals working in areas such as business planning and strategy

  • Seasoned enterprise architects who want to add a specialization to their existing qualifications

  • Newcomers seeking to either gain practical knowledge or verify their expertise in business architecture work and achieving architecture visions

  • Anyone wanting to pass the official TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1 examination

  • Organizations planning to understand the benefits of business architecture and adopt TOGAF BA’s best practices

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • Everything required to pass the TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 exam

  • Key concepts, including business capabilities, business modeling, information mapping, value streams, and TOGAF business scenarios

  • How to take various factors into account, such as business environments, selected viewpoints, and so on when attempting to establish a target business architecture

  • The purpose and value of developing business architectures

  • TOGAF best practices, including how to use the TOGAF Architectural Development Method (ADM)

  • Everything required to pass the TOGAF Business Architecture exam

Why should you take this course?

  • Good e-Learning is an award-winning online trainer for TOGAF, having won the ‘Outstanding Certification Product’ prize at The Open Group Awards

  • The course features interactive slides, audio-narratives, and other online training assets created by highly experienced subject matter experts

  • The course teaches students everything they need to know to pass the TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 exam

  • The course features regular knowledge checks, along with a practice exam simulator

  • Students receive 6 months of access, expert tutor support, a FREE exam voucher, and a FREE resit with Exam Pledge (T&Cs apply)

  • The course is fully accredited by The Open Group

Syllabus: TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1 eLearning

An Introduction to TOGAF® Business Architecture Learning Objectives

This module introduces you to the course’s main features, including the learning plan, course aims and objectives, and structure.

It also offers a syllabus, a diagram pack, refresher materials, a glossary and a document with links for further reading. Finally, the module covers some of the more frequently asked questions about TOGAF BA.

Module 1: Business Models Learning Objectives

Module 1 provides an introduction to business models and covers:

  • The impacts and benefits of business models, as well as how they are used within the TOGAF Standard
  • How business models are developed
  • The purpose of business model innovation

Module 2: Business Capabilities Learning Objectives

Module 2 introduces and defines business capabilities. It explores:

  • What the components of a ‘business capability’ are and how to write them
  • How business capabilities are modeled and mapped to other business architecture concepts

Module 3: Value Streams Learning Objectives

Module 3 explores value streams and looks at:

  • The definitions of ‘value’ and ‘value streams’
  • The approach and guiding principles for creating value streams
  • Decomposition, value analysis and how value streams can be mapped to other business architecture concepts

Module 4: Information Mapping Learning Objectives

Module 4 explores the concepts and approaches behind information mapping, specifically:

  • What an information map is and how to use one
  • The relationship between information maps, business architectures and data models

Module 5: Business Scenarios Learning Objectives

Module 5 discusses the business scenario method and focuses on:

  • The benefits of using business scenarios
  • How business scenarios are incorporated into the TOGAF ADM
  • The development phases of a business scenario, as well as the steps in each phase

Module 6: Developing a Business Architecture With TOGAF ADM Learning Objectives

Module 6 looks at how all these elements can be brought together and how the TOGAF ADM may be used to create a business architecture by exploring:

  • Phase A of the TOGAF ADM, including the approach, vision, inputs and outputs
  • Phase B of the TOGAF ADM, including the approach, vision, inputs and outputs
  • Gap analysis

TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1 delivered by Good e-Learning is a course accredited by The Open Group. Informator promotes this course for Good e-Learning.

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