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TOGAF® EA Course: Combined Foundation and Practitioner

This TOGAF 10 combined training course enables you to achieve directly the highest level certification: TOGAF EA Practitioner - in only one participation and test session. Without this combined course, the higher level TOGAF certification is only possible when you have completed the TOGAF EA Foundation level.

The TOGAF EA Course: Combined Foundation and Practitioner organized by Tieturi is accredited by The Open Group.

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group


4 dagar

37700 kr


The price of the course consists of the course fee + combined test fee. The course is not sold without a test.

Course Content - TOGAF® EA Course: Combined Foundation and Practitioner

This training consists of two consecutive courses (TOGAF EA Foundation and TOGAF EA Practitioner) and a voluntary combined test to be taken after them. You can find more detailed content of this training package in the descriptions of each courses, see:

TOGAF EA Course: Foundation and TOGAF EA Course: Practitioner.

TO­GAF Com­bi­ned Foun­da­tion & Prac­ti­tio­ner cer­ti­fica­tion test

After the TOGAF EA Combined training, you can participate in the certification tests (Foundation & Practitioner) as a combined test if you wish. The combined test is included in the price of the course. To take the tests, you will receive a voucher that works as payment either in the Pearson VUE test center or in the online test, which you take on your own computer. If you wish, we can arrange a quiet space on our campus for you to take the online test.

The TOGAF 10 Combined test consists of two tests that you take consecutively in the same session. After successfully passing both tests, you have gained the certification level TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioner. If you fail to pass one of the tests, you only need to re-take the test that you failed to pass. The TOGAF EA Combined test consists of the following parts:

TO­GAF EA Foun­da­tion

  • 40 multiple choice questions in English
  • passing limit: 60% correct (at least 24 correctly answered questions)
  • time: 90 min (60 min + 30 min extra time for non-native English speakers)

TO­GAF EA Prac­ti­tio­ner

  • 8 extensive scenario-based multiple-choice questions in English
  • Scoring according to the correctness of the answer: 5 / 3 / 1 point (best option / second best /...)
  • passing limit: 60%, i.e., at least 24 points (max. 40 points)
  • time: 120 min (90 min + 30 min extra time for non-native English speakers)

We are so confident of the quality of our training that we promise you a free retake of the test, if you don't pass the test (the price of the test when purchased separately is USD 550).

Cour­se ma­te­rials

The training material and the certification tests are in English. The language of instruction is Finnish or English according to the information next to the course date. The material of our TOGAF® EA Course: Combined Foundation and Practitioner course is officially accredited by The Open Group.

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