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Trend Micro Deep Discovery Training for Certified Professionals – Update Course

This is a one-day, instructor-led training course aimed at participants who have already previously followed a full 3 days training in the past of Deep Discovery and who still hold a valid Certified professional certification (valid 2 years). This one-day update training covers all new product features and training material that came in addition to Courseware version 2.1 Deep Discovery ATD over the last 2 years. This course is based on the latest Training Material and covers the following products: Deep Discovery, Deep Discovery Analyzer, Deep Discover Director (and Director Analytics)
This course is taught by Trend Micro-certified trainers.


8 timmar

11500 kr

This course is designed for and only available to IT professionals who have already been certified on Deep Discovery within the last 2 years

The course topics in this 1 day training are divided into the following lessons:

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Overview
• Deep Discovery Solutions

Deep Discovery Inspector
• Verifying Installation and Configuration

Deep Discovery Analyzer
• Configuring File Submission Rules

Deep Discovery Director
• Planning a deployment
• Installing and configuring
• Configuring a deployment plan
• Managing and sharing Threat Detections (IOCs. STIX, )
• Managing Devices

Deep Discovery Network Analytics
• Deploying and managing
• Using Correlation for Data for Threat Analysis

Preventing Targeted Attacks through Connected Threat Defense
• Architecture
• Suspicious Object List Management
• Setting up Connected Threat Defense
• Tracking Suspicious Objects in Deep Discovery Analyzer
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