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UGL in English – Understanding Group and Leader

- Everyone should attend an UGL!

The UGL – Understanding Group and Leader - course was developed for the Swedish National Defense Academy in 1981. In the late 1980’s the UGL course became increasingly popular within the Swedish business community and is today considered one of the best - and by far the most attended leadership development course in Sweden.
UGL will give you an increased understanding of how group dynamics affect results and how leadership style should be adapted to the group´s maturity stage and specific task at hand.


5 dagar



UGL in English provides an opportunity for companies and organizations to offer their international employees the same training as their Swedish employees.
The course is suited for managers at all levels within the organization.

Course Content of Understanding Group and Leader


Participants will be given an opportunity, during five days, to experience and follow the development of the individual as well as the group. You will be given the opportunity to practice your own leadership and to receive feedback on your ways on how you influence the group.

You will receive essential tools such as:

  •         Group maturity assessment
  •         Conflict resolution
  •         Effective communication
  •         Situational leadership
  •         How to give and receive feedback

Groupsize: 8-12 participants. The course is led by 2 certified facilitators. The facilitators are certified by The Swedish National Defense College.
The course is five days in length and requires full attendance (arriving on Monday morning and leaving Friday afternoon). You will also have working periods in the evenings and so accommodation is mandatory.

Stockholm: Gällöfsta Konferens, Kungsängen. Ca 36 100 SEK exkl. VAT

Fore exact price see CoreCode's homepage: UGL in English - Understanding Group and Leader


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