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Visualizing and Alerting in Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

This course assumes that you have completed the course Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring Fundamentals. It is targeted towards DevOps/SRE/Observability teams, Senior On-call Engineers, Onboarding and Monitoring Strategists and Developers. This 1-virtual day course describes ways to enhance your dashboards and alerts to help with troubleshooting. Find insights using analytics in charts and detectors. Create detectors for common use cases. All concepts are taught using lectures and scenario-based hands-on activities.


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  • Add information to dashboards and alerts for better troubleshooting
  • Find insights using analytics and appropriate rollups in charts and detectors
  • Create detectors for common use cases

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring Fundamentals

Module 1 - Creating efficient Dashboards and Alerts

  • Add instructions to dashboards
  • Create single-instance dashboards
  • View events on dashboards
  • Configure local data links
  • Customize alert messages
  • Troubleshoot charts and alerts

Module 2 - Finding Insights Using Analytics

  • Finding total value across all sources
  • Combining plots in charts
  • View and alert on weekly, daily or hourly comparisons
  • Use percentages and ratios to understand trends
  • Apply analytic functions over moving and calendar time windows
  • Apply analytics functions to a subset of MTS in a signal
  • Module 3 - Detectors for Common Use Cases

    • Identify common issues with detectors
    • Troubleshoot a detector
    • Create detectors to monitor populations
    • Create non-flapping detectors
    • Monitor metrics with cyclic patterns
    • Monitor large number of sources
    • Monitor an ephemeral infrastructure
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