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Windows Server 2022 Hardening

In this course you will learn how to secure Window environments and manage risks in the Window environment. You will learn to assess the security of a Window environment and make adequate changes if necessary to secure the environment according to current standards.


5 dagar

34900 kr

Target Group

IT Professionals

You´ll learn about:

  • How firewall settings can increase the security of the computer without affecting the usability of the system
  • Security levels in Windows environments
  • Attack surfaces in the environment
  • Possible risks and weaknesses in the Windows environment
  • Hardening, Minimize security footprint
  • Update routines - Understand Password policies
  • Kerberos, LDAP
  • Identity and Access (IDA) Control
  • Logging/Auditing

Skills gained:

  • Implementing Identity and Access (IDA) Control
  • Set up Logging/Auditing Using Kerberos, LDAP
  • Set up Password policies
  • Manage Update routines
  • Be able to configure a Windows system to harden the operating system and installed services
  • Be able to minimize the attack surface, secure system services and minimize the risk of a hacker attack succeeding.
  • Know how to use firewall rules and other techniques to increase the security of the computer without affecting the usability of the system


  • Experience with Windows networking technologies and implementation. 
  • Experience with Active Directory technologies and implementation.
  • Experience with Windows Server virtualization technologies and implementation.

Course Outline: Windows Server 2022 Hardening

1.Installing and Configuring Windows Server
2. Securing Active Directory Domain Controllers
3. Active Directory Infrastructure
4. Active Directory Group Policy Objects
5. Windows Server Storage Infrastructure
6. Active Directory Rights Management Service
7. Active Directory Certificate Authority – PKI
8. Network and Software Security
9. Maintaining and Monitoring Windows Server
10. Windows PowerShell

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