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WPF Fundamentals


In this hands-on introduction to WPF, developers will learn the fundamentals of building WPF applications using the MVVM pattern.

We will build and design user interfaces with XAML, create view models representing the presentation logic and connect the two using data binding. You will also learn how to write unit tests for the view models.


WPF is one of the two main approaches to building Windows applications. Its powerful and flexible programming model integrates support for flexible layout, high-quality text, resolution-independent graphics, animation, video and 3D. While it is designed to exploit the full capabilities of today's high-performance graphics cards, it offers high-level abstractions that offer great power to the developer for less development effort than ever before.

Data binding is a key feature of WPF designed to support the MVVM pattern which is an architectural pattern that decouples the user interface from the presentation logic providing a clear separation of concerns and at the same time supporting automated test. 


3 dagar

28450 kr

Target Group

C# Developers looking to learn the basics of building enterprise applications with WPF using Visual Studio.


Good knowledge of programming with C#.


  • Introduction
  • WPF Overview
  • Understanding XAML
  • Building the user interface
  • Handling Events
  • Understanding the MVVM pattern
  • Formatting the UI with Styles, Triggers and Animations
  • Data Binding To Objects
  • Data Binding to Collections
  • Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged and ICommand
  • Testing the View Model
  • Working with resources and resource dictionaries
  • Creating User Controls
  • Creating responsive user interfaces
  • Defining Dependency Properties
  • Creating Custom Controls
  • Handling Touch screen events
  • Examining Mvvm frameworks


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