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Mastering Windows Server OS Deployment

Build a rock-solid deployment solution using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and PowerShell.

This training is unique in many ways! It is developed by one of the best OSD experts in the world, MVP Mikael Nyström, and it is based on real life OSD (with over 20 years of real experience). The lab is always performed on the latest version of Windows Server, including Nano server.

You will learn to deploy both virtual as well as physical servers. This includes configuration of network adapters, Ilo/IDrac, BIOS/UEFI and storage.

You will also learn how to configure dynamic deployments for various server-roles, such as domain controllers, file servers, Hyper-V, storage, remote desktop solutions and more.

We are also covering about deploying solutions, automated builds of entire infrastructure platforms. And yes, there will be PowerShell in this class!

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Kurs-ID: TRS1705
Längd: 3 dagar
Pris exkl moms: 22 990 kr
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