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Building Web Applications With The Sencha Frameworks

Ext JS is a powerful JavaScript platform which allows you to create great cross-browser web applications. The library includes everything from an advanced class system, to all the widgets you need such as data bound grids, trees and forms. Its greatest strength however, is perhaps its component model and clean extensibility. This makes it very easy to customize, extend and create your own widgets. We'll be looking at what Ext JS offers out of the box and I will also demonstrate how easy it is to write a custom component.

Tid: kl 07:30 - 09:00

Var: MEC, Stora Varvsgatan 6A

Lärare: Mats Bryntsemats

Passionate about all things involving web, JavaScript, HTML5. Addicted to Sencha's web technologies (Ext JS, Sencha Touch) since 2007. Mats runs a small Swedish company called Bryntum, that makes web based Gantt chart components as well as a JavaScript unit testing tool called Siesta.  


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Kurs-ID: KF1317
Längd: 90 Min
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