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Gaining the comaparative advantage using risk management

In this seminar we will will look at how risk management can be used accross an organisation to manage threats and opportunities proactively.
Risk management can be managed from four core perspectives, strategic, programme, project and operational. By embedding risk management in your organisation you will be in a possition to achieve a balance between maximising opportunities and minimising threats, manage proactivly rather than reactivly. Some of the benefits of effective organisation wide risk management are:

1. Fewer sudden shocks and unwelcome surprises
2. More efficient use of resources
3. Reduced waste
4. Improved service delivery
5. Reduction in management time spent fire-fighting
6. Better management of contingent and maintenance activities
7. Lower cost of capital
8. Increased likelihood of change/project initiatives being achieved
9. More focus internally on doing the right things properly
10. More focus externally to shape effective strategies.

Tid: kl 07:30 - 09:00
Var: MEC, Stora Varvsgatan 6A

Speaker: Donald Lowe

 Don enjoys working with people to increase the productive capacity of their organisation as well as delivering change and continuos improvements. He delivers change through projects and protfolio management. Using risk management to to improve internal control and support better decision-making through a good understanding of individual risks and the overall risk exposure that projects and organisations face. 

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Don Lowe


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