Arkitekten kan ses som länken mellan teknik och användare. Det är en viktig roll som kräver hög kompetens.

Informators utbildningar inom IT-arkitektur hålls av mycket erfarna ämnesspecialister och är intressanta för dig som är eller vill bli Systemarkitekt, Informationsarkitekt, Mjukvaruarkitekt, Enterprisearkitekt, Verksamhetsarkitekt eller Lösningsarkitekt.

Kurser inom Arkitektur

Agile Architecture Fundamentals

Kursen kan företagsanpassas Kurs-ID: T1101 Datum: 17 jun, 19 sep, 14 nov
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Is agile architecture the next step in your professional life, making you wonder what the architect role is and what it takes? Or do you already feel you need to add more structure to your current work as an architect?

Agile Architecture Fundamentals course will:

  • Deepen your understanding of how to work as an architect, and of the fundamentals in architecture work
  • Explain what an architect’s role is and what skills it takes
  • Teach you how to produce architecture from requirements, and to build a Solution-architecture design from the ground up
  • Stay technology-neutral, avoiding solutions tied to a particular programming language or environment. 
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20 juni
20 juni

AI, Architecture, and Machine Learning

Kursen kan företagsanpassas Kurs-ID: T1913 Datum: 10 sep, 5 nov, 13 dec
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Whether you’re just starting to keep an eye on ML, or are already adjusting your architecture to the current wave of AI, this course addresses several challenges most architects will be facing in an architectural landscape where ML is a fast-grower. The course is not tied to a particular vendor, language, framework, library, or environment.

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