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Applied Continuous Integration

Imagine a process where we commit often and every commit is version controlled, built, integrated & tested. Imagine how we can design software and follow the actual progress of the product developed and in every given moment have a potential release candidate. In this 2 day course you will learn how software can be developed with high standards by increasing speed AND quality in order to gain predictability and faster time-to-market.

Course outline day 1:

The context

  • Learn how the Continuous Integration (CI) concept gives us the opportunity to keep our ability to deliver new features and maintain a constant pace indefinitely
  • Learn how we by applying CI can support Lean and Agile thinking and practice by:
    • Gaining speed/throughput AND quality through automation of test and deployment.
    • Automation which reduces waste from manual work and gives time for innovation and performance
    • Setting customers first by enhancing flow efficiency through speed AND quality
    • Empowering teams so they can improve processes
    • Demanding upfront action upon quality issues given by feedback through test and validation

Continuous Integration explained

  • Learn the basic mindset driven by CI and how the CI context support the need of fast feedback
  • Go from performing integration at predefined moments in time to full-fledged integration where integration can be started and done at any time
  • What CI is and is not

Implementation of CI

  • Learn the CI implementation approach which optimizes the whole (and the part)
  • What does the CI framework contain? Version Control system, Build system and servers, Test Strategy, CI server, Configuration management...
  • Learn how to setup a test and feedback strategy.
  • We will go deeply into the value of feedback and how to get it including some examples of test escalations.

Course outline day 2:

The value of Continuous Integration

  • Learn how to approach CI as an investment and the know the scale of return
  • How how different roles and stakeholders benefits from CI
  • Know all excuses for NOT moving into CI ;-)
  • Know examples of failures

Grow CI

The concepts behind the optimization of CI how lean thinking affects CI:

  • The efficiency frontier and how it relates to CI
  • The challenges of a growing environment
  • Distributed teams
  • The multi-staged pipeline
  • Communication flow

Current best practices

We go really deep into the mindset and way-of-working in order to understand the cultural shift and how it affect our software development practices. How to treat our Team mates, our code and our tools.

  • The Code is King, Use code inspection tools, Commit Code Frequently, Don’t Commit Broken Code, Fix Broken Builds Immediately...

Continuously improving

Learn practices and mindset in how to evolve and improve your CI process continuously.

  • CI challenges & how to drive maturity
  • Evolving into Continuous Delivery
  • The multi-staged pipeline
  • Metadata cross-referencing in the multi staged pipeline.
  • Communication flow
  • Evolving into Continuous Delivery; Release ability, time-to market and Products as services.


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Längd: 2 dagar
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