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Kurser inom .NET Windowsutveckling

WPF Fundamentals

Kursen kan företagsanpassas Kurs-ID: T1838 Datum: 18 jun, 20 aug, 8 okt, 26 nov
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In this hands-on introduction to WPF, developers will learn the fundamentals of building WPF applications using the MVVM pattern. We will build and design user interfaces with XAML, create view models representing the presentation logic and connect the two using data binding. You will also learn how to write unit tests for the view models.

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Learn how to write loosely coupled code that is easy to test and easy to maintain with high cohesion and “Separation of Concern”. This is the future for modern software development and it might question some of the “old school” ways of doing OOP.

Several high-profile companies such as H&M, DICE and King are using Dependency Injection in their R&D departments and some have it as requirement for employment.

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