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AI Business Essentials


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the next generation of software solutions and unlocks the potential to create amazing applications that improve life for everyone. This course introduces AI and how to benefit from it.

  • Gain specific, practical knowledge to define your AI strategy
  • Hear real-world recommendations on how to enable an AI ready culture
  • Learn how to foster responsible and trustworthy AI

There are no requirements for attending.

Target Audience

The Artificial Intelligence Business Essentials course is focussed on individuals with an interest in, (or need to implement) AI in an organisation, especially those working in the following capacities:

  • C-Suite

  • Senior Managers

  • Organisational change practitioners and managers

  • Business change practitioners and managers

  • Program and planning managers

  • Service provider portfolio strategists / leads

  • Process architects and managers

  • Business strategists and consultants

Module 1 – Defining an AI Strategy

  • Understanding the core concepts and principles of AI
  • How to benefit from AI
  • How AI is transforming Industries

Module 2 – Enabling an AI-ready culture.

  • What are the qualities of an AI-ready culture?
  • Adopting a robust change management approach
  • Case study analysis

Module 3 – Fostering responsible and trustworthy AI

  • Responsible AI Principles
  • Responsible AI Practices
  • Responsible AI Tools