AWS Discovery Day – Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This cost-free course is designed to teach business leaders and IT technical professionals the benefits of computing in the AWS Cloud. This course covers AWS services for computing, storage, database management, networking, and content delivery. In this 3.5 h course, you will learn how to use AWS services to improve business processes …

Tid: 20.10.2023 09:00
Längd: 3,5 hours

Webinar: Scaling agility – doomed to fail?

In Co-operation with Tieturi Since the early 2010s, more and more organisations have become familiar with agility and have started to scale it up – sometimes with bad results. “You can’t do anything larger with agile” is sometimes heard after painful agile transformations and scaling attempts. In this webinar we …

Tid: 20.10.2023 09:00
Längd: 45 minutes