UX hjärta AI?

Vilka positiva möjligheter & vilka utmaningar kommer AI att medföra? Hur ser UX-områdets framtid ut?Är du intresserad av att navigera i AI:s framtid inom UX med ett ansvarsfullt och människofokuserat tillvägagångssätt? Då är det här webinaret för dig! Detta webbinar syftar till att kritiskt utforska effekterna av AI på användarupplevelsen (UX), med fokus …

Tid: 14.02.2024 10:00
Längd: 45 minuter

AWS Discovery Day- Introduction to Securing your AWS Cloud

Whether you are thinking of migrating to the AWS Cloud or already have a workload running on AWS, securing your data and resources should be at the top of the list. This event introduces several AWS services that you can use to improve your current security posture. It also covers …

Tid: 09.02.2024 09:00
Längd: 2 hours

Zero Trust Deployment with Microsoft 365

Being a part of Zero Trust “demystification” series, this session will focus more deeply on how to implement Zero Trust approach in Microsoft 365. We will cover deployment steps from the bottom up, setting the foundations with essential steps to begin with, like device and access protection, endpoint management and …

Tid: 19.01.2024 09:00
Längd: 30 minutes

Zero Trust Deployment with Microsoft Azure

In this “Zero Trust”-themed session, we will show how to deploy Zero Trust principles in Microsoft Azure from ground up, beginning with identity services, then laying ground with IaaS deployment and transitioning to PaaS Zero Trust deployment as the secure basis for various workloads. Sprinkles on top, we’ll close with …

Tid: 15.12.2023 09:00
Längd: 30 minutes

ChatGPT and the most popular AI plugins

Effective use of ChatGPT 4.0 and its add-ons can significantly save you time and improve your productivity, allowing you to focus on what’s important and delegate routine tasks to AI. You will also learn how ChatGPT can also help you develop creative ideas and solutions. Welcome to a webinar where …

Tid: 05.12.2023 09:15
Längd: 35 minutes

Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Framework

Everyone talks about “Zero Trust” nowadays, but really, what is it? This session is the first session in a series of three sessions that will demystify “Zero Trust”, explain what it is, and explain an intersection and symbiosis between Zero Trust Adoption, and Cloud Adoption Framework. After this session, you …

Tid: 23.11.2023 09:00
Längd: 30 minutes

Achieve Excellence with Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

Do you want stable, high quality and efficient cloud architecture? If you do, then this session is for you. We will explain what Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is, how it can help you to achieve reliable, secure, and efficient Microsoft cloud operational excellence through WAF’s foundational pillars of architectural excellence. …

Tid: 03.11.2023 09:00
Längd: 30 minutes

Painlessly and Confidently into the Cloud – Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provides guidance, proven and tested steps to plan, adopt and manage secure cloud Microsoft Azure environments. In this session you will discover how CAF pillars can help you even if you have already started your cloud journey showing you various adoption scenarios and antipatterns, learn how …

Tid: 27.10.2023 09:00
Längd: 30 minutes

Webinar: Scaling agility – doomed to fail?

In Co-operation with Tieturi Since the early 2010s, more and more organisations have become familiar with agility and have started to scale it up – sometimes with bad results. “You can’t do anything larger with agile” is sometimes heard after painful agile transformations and scaling attempts. In this webinar we …

Tid: 20.10.2023 09:00
Längd: 45 minutes