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Architecting on AWS JAM


1 dag

12935 kr

Aimed at learners who have completed the AWS 'Architecting on AWS' course this one day, highly interactive event will see you Work to complete challenges across common AWS use-cases and operational tasks to earn points. Compete with rivals for the coveted top place on the leaderboard.

Advance your cloud adoption journey by solving challenges designed to teach AWS best practices around security, migration, dev-ops, AI/ML, and more. Are you brand new to AWS? Or never used a specific AWS service before? Clues are available to help navigate the challenges if needed. AWS experts are also on hand to act as facilitators, but the event promotes self-paced discovery and learning. Get points for solving challenges using AWS provided infrastructure according to established best practices. Compare your performance against your peers!

Learners should have previously attended AMWSA 'Architecting on AWS'