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Azure Networking Workshop


1 dag

17360 kr

This one day, immersive, hands-on, event will take you through some of Azure’s most common, yet well used, networking features. Target audience This event is designed for anyone wanting to get a good understanding of how Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Networking works. This event would suit Azure administrators looking to build, manage and maintain their Azure network environment.

Before attending this event, you should have a fundamental understanding of the basics of Azure.

We will ensure you have a good understanding of the differences between working with physical, on-premises, networking, and Azure Virtual Networks (vNets). During the event we’ll be creating a simple but effective vNet configuration with associated subnets. Then we’ll look at how to expand the design with vNet Peering. We’ll look to test and control the network configuration and access with the following Azure technology:
  • Network Security Groups (NSGs)
  • Azure Firewall
  • NATGateway
  • Just-in-time access
  • Route Tables/User defined Routes (UDRs)
  • Bastion