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Certified Data Protection Practitioner (GDPR)


3 dagar

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This three day practitioner course will provide a practical guide to Data Protection (GDPR) & Privacy Legislation, Information Governance, Risk Management & Security and Data Protection (GDPR) implementation.

Under the new EU data protection regulations, the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) will be mandatory for controllers and processors in the public sector. The obligations for this new and challenging role will require insight into cyber threats, risks, data breach management, secure design and secure by default principles, privacy compliance and the legal spectrum of the GDPR.

This course is suitable for data protection officers, HR Professionals, compliance officers, auditors, IT & security Professionals and those wishing to challenge for the Certified Data Protectioner Practitioner exam.

Learn to solve Data Protection (GDPR) problems to new privacy situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques, and rules learnt from the Data Protection Foundation course.

  • Apply the implementation pathway for Data Protection (GDPR) compliance
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Incident Response
  • Policy Frameworks
  • E-discovery and data auditing
  • Privacy by Design / Default
  • Identify the key differences between the Data Protection Act and the GDPR
  • Understand the role of the data Protection Officer (DPO) and the new obligations
  • Develop a plan to address the challenges of building a privacy programme across your organisation
  • Prepare for managing and reacting to a data breach both from a regulator and commercial perspective
  • Identify the changing rights of data subjects, consent, data in the cloud and third parties
  • Model about the enforcement aspects of the GDPR to your organisation

Business Outcomes

  • Act in a more…responsible, ethical and well informed manner,to GDPR compliance issues and scenarios.
  • Adapt your communication style…to being one of a knowledgeable, capable Privacy Professional and or Practitioner.
  • Build effective working relationships….by being able to articulate and determine GDPR compliance issues, via the logical interpretation and application of the GDPR Articles and Recitals, to real world and hypothetical work/life scenarios.

This Data Protection Practitioner (GDPR) course is primarily aimed at professionals working with IT, Risk, Security, Governance and Compliance roles across public and private sectors. It is also aimed at Marketing Professionals and Project Managers.

Attending the Foundation is recommended but not mandatory. If you hold sufficient knowledge already, you can go straight to the Practitioner.

  • Module 1: Transitioning to DP18 (GDPR)
  • Module 2: Useful Preparation Steps
  • Module 3: Data Protection by Design and by Default and DPIAs
  • Module 4: Risk Management, Assurance and Appropriate Security
  • Module 5: Obligations on Controllers and Processors
  • Module 6: Direct Marketing and Online Profiling
  • Module 7: Cloud, Big Data and Transfers to Third Countries (incl. Brexit)
  • Module 8: Privacy and Monitoring
  • Module 9: Staying Compliant
  • Exam Prep.